Knoppix 6 boot options for mac

How to install knoppix in hard disk hdd step by step tutorial dual boot operating system duration. In order to see mac bootmanager just press and hold altoption key when you here mac startup sound. If your mac is using a firmware password, youre prompted to enter the password. You can create a bootable knoppix usb drive using etcher macwindowslinux. Knoppix debianbased, doesnt install or boot properly.

Start up to startup manager, which allows you to choose other available startup disks or volumes. Knoppix is a bootable live system on cd, dvd or usb flash drives. The lazy guide to installing knoppix on a usb key tux. In order to create a bootable usbmedium memory flashdisk, sdcard, digital camera with usb connector, cellphone with microsd. For computers that cannot start directly from usb, there is a boot only cdvariant available, which can be used together with a previously created knoppix usb flash drive. Type knoppix dma at the isolinux prompt or add dma to the kernel options in the grub menu to enable dma on all drives at boot time, or wait until knoppix is running and a root shell is open and use. When booting knoppix, either from a dvd or from a usb drive, watch the screen carefully during startup. If you chose not to use refind, then as soon as your mac starts to boot up, hold down the option key. When the knoppix boot prompt appears, press the f2 key to select boot options. Knoppix can be used as a linux demo, educational cd, rescue system, or adapted and used as a platform for commercial software product demos. I followed the steps in this note and failed because of the size limit for a fat16 partition.

Make sure you revert to using your laptops keyboard and mouse for the time being your. Further boot options are described in the release notes. I was checking out what is on these live cds, have heard a lot of good things using knoppix live cds to do different task. Turn on your computer and hold down the optionalt key. The mac will boot the linux system from the connected usb drive. To actually boot the drive, reboot your mac and hold down the option key while it boots. Knoppix is a bootable live system on cd or dvd, consisting of a representative collection of gnulinux software, automatic hardware detection, and support for many graphics cards, sound cards, scsi and usb devices and other peripherals. A system with a cddvd drive to boot knoppix live cd preferably knoppix 6. This is a quick guide to the mostused commands in a linux shell, intended for someone who has never used the shell command line in linux before. Klaus knopper has announced the release of knoppix 8. If you installed refind, the boot manager automatically appears.

Knoppix is a bootable cd with a collection of gnulinux software, automatic hardware detection, and support for many graphics cards, sound cards, scsi and usb devices and other peripherals. Knoppix stuck at booting after adding boot options. When using knoppix as a live cd, one can use boot options, also known as cheatcodes, to override a default setting or automatic. How to use os x boot options to troubleshoot your mac techradar. Knoppix is a 32bit debian linux based distro, but recent releases including the latest version 7. Youll see a menu pop up which you can see your macintosh hd as well as the usb stick. You can enter cheat codes on this screen, or hit f3 to see more options and enter cheat codes on that screen. Knowing knoppixadvanced startup options wikibooks, open. Knoppixs can see my wireless network, the box comes up to put the wifi pass in then tries to connect for a while, but the box comes back up to connect again but never connects. In particular it was hardcoded to only really accept devices in the format devsdxy causing problems with longer pathnames and uuid alike i just made a new initrd, cut out that whole section and hardcoded my uuid into it. You may get a sad mac face, an audible beep, or another ailment keeping your mac from properly booting. Knoppix 6 posted in boot linux and other os flavours. This gives the option of installing refit or other efi bootloaders.

Knoppix boot from pxe server a simplified version for. Knoppix linux boot cd, download disk and documents. Cheatcodes enable you to modify the boot parameters and are used to pass options to knoppix which help get it working on difficult hardware. Some common boot options for hardware problems are listed in the boot help that you can reach by hitting f2 or f3 in the boot screen. It consists of a representative collection of gnulinux software, automatic hardware detection. Choose the appropriate options and click begin installation to continue. Click the optical drive button next to the create a bootable disk using checkbox, and youll be prompted to search for the iso image to use figure b.

Knoppix can be used as a productive linux system for the desktop, educational cd. In order to access your macs boot menu, youll need to hold the option alt key while it boots. On some macs holding down the ckey will work and directly boot from cd without the hassle of selecting something in a menu some macbook pro s notable mbp 5, will show just a white underscore instead of booting to the livecds graphical user interface. Install cloonix on a knoppix usb flash drive opensource. If your setup includes a compatible network server netboot, you can hold down the n key during startup to attempt a. The knoppix mib ppc is really good considering its in alpha stage. Once at the knoppix desktop, click on the start menu in the lower left of the taskbar and navigate to system tools gsmartcontrol.

Naturally, i want to use my knoppix usb stick on it. How to use os x boot options to troubleshoot your mac. Knoppix on mac knoppix knoppix linux boot cd, download. To enter the builtin boot menu, hold the option key while booting. If your mac is using a firmware password, it ignores this key combination or starts up from macos recovery. Knopper also accelerated the boot process through parallelization. I did a bit of reading and there seems to be three options. The easiest way to check the hard drive is by creating a bootable knoppix linux usb drive using etcher macwindowslinux. Option boot the knoppix usb drive by selecting the orange icon labeled efi if knoppix boots to the knoppix desktop, then the general hardware is likely ok. Option boot the knoppix drive and select the orange icon labeled efi. How to install linux on a macintosh and dual boot with. If the desktop gets stuck at the point that the 3d composite window manager compiz should start, try booting with. Once you tell your mac to boot from the usb drive, you will see the boot menu, unless you selected the option to bypass the boot menu. Originally, knoppix used a boot tool called syslinux, which emulated a floppy boot disk.

Dont enter your cheat code on the initial splash screen. Commands from the menu bar can only be accessed classic macstyle. All the hardware and peripherals are recognized, and i was most impressed at the sped and peripheral recognition on the g4, i have lots of firewire drives and burners connected to the cube. How to use rufus to create a bootable usb drive to install. Call me silly if you like for it, but i occasionally dabble in linux, and when i do, i usually use a knoppix dvd i think, anyway. Be sure the disc to boot from is actually bootable, most system restore and installation discs are. The dvd includes programs such as, abiword, the gimp, konqueror, mozilla, apache, php, mysql and hundreds of other quality open source programs. Lilo is not intended to boot from iso images, and it is not what knoppix uses to boot from cdrom. Knoppix cheatcodes here is a complete list of almost every available cheatcode option for knoppix.

Use the cursor keys or mouse to select that and hit return. There are times when your mac may misbehave and refuse to boot into os x. The easiest way to tell what is happening would be to create and boot from a knoppix linux usb drive. Once booted, you should be able to use linux on your mac. Using this boot cd, the system starts from cd drive first, and then switches and continues to run on the usb flash drive. The knoppix partition is the only one marked bootable on the drive, and t didnt get confused last night when i booted to tiny core which used extlinux. It features a traditional layout comprised of a single taskbar located on the bottom edge of the screen. Boot with options knoppix nomodeset nocomposite for the alternative unacellerated framebuffer mode, an additional boot option may be required apart from the documented options, for example fb1024x768 vga791.

These options let you finetune knoppix for your particular hardware. Keep holding it down until you see the macs boot manager display a. The same pxe server can be used for setting up the nfs server for holding root filesystem. Knoppix debianbased, doesnt install or boot properly issue. So yesterday my hd crashed, so i am attempting to use a ubuntu live cd i also have knoppix too to just see the hd and attempt to pull a. Print these boot option keys, because theyre particularly helpful to have. Any of the cheatcodes in the following list, can be combined to work at boot from the syslinux bootprompt. First of all, thanks knoppix and this nice stepbystep note for installing knoppix boot image onto a usb pendrive. The knoppix cd and dvd include recent linux software and desktop environments. How to make a bootable knoppix cd experts exchange. Just like knoppix, this distro uses kde k desktop environment as its graphical session. You can also change what your mac does by holding down the following keys or key combinations during startup.

Interestingly, the distribution comes with a custom init system called knoppixautoconfig which replaces systemd present in earlier public releases. Turns out the init script in knoppixs initramfs is spaghetti code. Press the 1 to boot the linux distribution directly, or press 2 to customize the boot procedure by passing options to the linux kernel. Once transfer to ram has completed, you can take the knoppix cd out of the drive. If you press the altkey the menu of boot options appear and you will be able to select to boot from cd. Knoppix, cdversion, default language german, isofile format.

Mac booting stuck at end randomseed apple community. Knoppix is a gnulinux live system that boots and runs entirely from cd, dvd, flash disk or over network without installation. This is for holding the content of the images that we are going to pxeboot. Knoppix is suitable even for linux beginners and we encourage you to try it and use the extensive help on. How to create and boot from a linux usb drive on mac. Upon partitioning it go to options make sure guid is check for format. Mac linux usb loader will create a bootable usb drive that will work. The linux shell is a cli, or command line interface. To perform recovery tasks on older versions of macos, such as os x 10. Aside from configuration files, nothing gets changed in debians standard installation. If your mac just boots to the login screen and you dont see the boot options menu, reboot your mac again and hold.

Recovery mode is possible thanks to the installation of a hidden recovery partition on your mac s hard drive and allows the user to perform the aforementioned tasks without needing a macos dvd or usb installer. Also it support for many graphics cards, sound cards, scsi and usb devices and other peripherals. Knoppix is a bootable cd with a collection of gnulinux software, automatic hardware detection, and support for many graphics cards. I have the cd with the drivers and there is a folder on there with drivers for linux if thats of any use.

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